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EOS R5 C Won't stop recording


The canon R5c camera when we buy the camera and try to record, if we start recording, it won't stop when we press the button to stop recording. We use to stop it by turning off the power button again and restarting it. If you know of a solution to this issue, I'd be happy to hear from you.




What firmware version are you running on your R5 C?  In cinema mode, start by resetting the cameras settings to defaults.  Don't be afraid of doing this.  If you have button customizations they can be recreated later.  Now retest starting and stopping recording and report your results. 

Bay Area - CA

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Sorry to hear about your problem.  I have to say I'm scratchng my head; I've had an R5C for months, and used the record button a LOT, and never seen anything like this.  I would say "your rec button is broken", but apparently works to start recording???

A couple of stopgaps spring to mind:

  • You can assign another button to be the REC button.  See User Guide Video page 121.  Try that and let us know if that works for both start and stop.
  • You can set up a virtual REC button on the touch screen: System Setup -> Onscreen REC, page 48.  This SHOULD let you start and stop.

All the best...




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