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EOS C100 Battery Repair


Canon UK just quoted me £415 to replace the internal lithium battery on my C100 Mk 1!!! That is almost as much as the camera is currently worth second hand.  What were you thinking Canon? Did you just want to make sure your products become part of the unrecyclable global wasteland? 



I have the similar issue with my internal battery on my Cannon FX 100 where the internal battery no longer holds setting after being switched off. It is a real pain as it too requires a costly repair. If I had been aware of this issue prior to spending a significant amount of hard earned cash, I would not have purchased it in the first place. An inaccessible internal battery?  Really!!!  👎

See my other reply and..  The XF100 is a different story.  That camera is only a few years old.  I might reach out to Canon and see what they said about it.  It's not under warranty unless you have CPS.

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Many thanks for your reply, its much appreciated.


Not sure what to say really.  The C100 is a great camera, and when released 10 years ago, the epitome Cinema EOS 4K.  If you like the camera, spending $600 to have Canon repair it and take look at it might be money well spent.  I might do this if I intended to keep the camera and continue using it.  On the other hand, maybe its time to replace it.  Canon hasn't released any new FW for it in about 5 yrs.  The expense of replacing the battery is likely due to the manufacturing capabilities of the time.   


Bay Area - CA

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Thanks for replying Rick, unfortunately I am the type of person who likes to keep things working and not add them landfill. I did find another UK based company who are currently fixing the problem for £300. It may well be more than the camera is currently worth but hopefully someone on eBay will be happy to take it off my hands for that amount. Hopefully the New Right To Repair legislation will make this kind of oversight a thing of the past: 

The UK Government has introduced new ecodesign and labelling requirements for specified electrical products sold in Great Britain. The Ecodesign for Energy-Related Products and Energy Information Regulations 2021 (SI 2021 No. 745), sometimes referred to as the “Right to Repair Regulations”, were made on 18 June 2021, accompanied by Explanatory Memorandum. Most of the provisions came into force on 1 July 2021. The Regulations aim to increase producer responsibility, reduce energy usage and electrical waste, and enable consumers to identify the most energy efficient products on the market. Following the UK leaving the EU, the UK chose to mirror requirements in equivalent EU regulations. The ‘right to repair’ provides ‘professional repairers’ with access to spare parts and technical information from July 2021, but manufacturers have a grace period of up to 2 years to make spare parts available.


Note that if you buy a used one, *its* lithium battery is probably close to EOL and you might need to pay to have that one fixed.

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The manual for the C100 states that if the internal lithium battery is fully discharged and non functioning, you can charge it by plugging in the external power supply with the camera off and leaving it for 24 hours. This might be worth a try.

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