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EOS 1D C or a C100?


Ok so I'm a long time canon fan, I've been shooting on a 7D for a few years and really enjoy it. The thing is I recently won a competition where they have offered me either a brand new 1D C or a C100, and having never used either camera, I was keen to get an objective opinion on which is the better option.


Rising Star

I don't have any firsthand experiences with those cameras, but just wanted to say CONGRATS! What a win!

To help you pick, though, it might help us to know what kind of stuff you shoot and what types of features are your priorities in a camera? (e.g. run-and-gun vs tripod-ed and carefully blocked out; lens choices, audio on-board vs not; low-light/night)


Edit: Also, if you have a C100-specific question, the Cinema EOS forum is a bit of a ghost-town and could use some "livening up". 😃

Thanks JFO, I must say I got very lucky here.


Primarily I'd be using either camera mostly for short films and doco type fare. The C100 obviously appeals for its ergonomic body, audio capabilities and general ease of use. However the AVCHD codec and lack of flexibility when it comes to frame rates might be a worry?


On the other hand, 4K does sound very appealing and I'm aware the image resolution will be hard to beat, but also concerned about storage options for such large files if it were ever to come to a long form project.

This is a no brainer to me...take the 1DC ($12000) and sell it. Then go buy the C100 and some more good glass.  Of course you will have about $4000 in taxes on the 1DC but you should still come out ok.  I just got the C100..bye, bye dslr's!


Compare the low light images from the C100 and 1dc

I prefer the C100 .

It's much easier to add noise in post than remove it 🙂

I have been using the 1DC since this March, sure it it a good camera. If you must have 4k video than there is not much choice( but you better make sure your PC or Mac hard ware and software can handle it. My MBPi7 17" with SSD and full ram just cannot handle it.) If you only need to use the 1DX part of it for still. Then you better buy c100+1dX it cost around the same( 1dx can do 1080p video too). If you mainly do video than C100 is more of a video camera with all the thing 1DC have and all the other video friendly ports(lanc), connectors(xlr), functions( zebra).
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