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CR N300 with RC IP100 - Delay in stopping camera pan after letting go of joystick


Hello, have a new setup of two CR N300s using ethernet / NDI through a switch with a RC IP100 and OBS.  Issue I'm having is while panning the cameras using the joystick on the IP100 after letting go of the joystick to stop the pan, the cameras continue to pan for a little bit before stopping.  Instead of my subject being centered in the shot where I stop the pan they are pushed off to the sides of the frame.  It's like there is a delay in the controller telling the camera to stop panning.  The amount of extra pan increases as the camera move speed increases.  So a quick pan will over shoot more than a slow pan.  It does this in the web browser window for the camera as well as the image in OBS.  Is there a setting somewhere to fix this? 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi vealti,

There are a couple of things to check with a delay like this. Do check that bring up the web browser controls with the camera's IP address. Once you are in the web browser control go into System, then into Communication, and then into External Connection (IP). 

On that page first go to the Output Tracking Data section and double check your Client IP and port are the lowest options available on your network. The movement orders are sent in order starting with the lowest client, so if the cameras are set to higher numbers on the network it could cause a delay.

If the issue continues the next thing would be to try a different switch and different Ethernet cables. Sometimes if there is an issue with the switch or the cables it can add a delay in the communication between the remote and the camera.

Thank you!  I'll check those settings.