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imagePROGRAF PRO-300 How to turn it on remotely


I PURCHASED the imagePROGRAG PRO 300 PRINTER several months ago. While the manual states it can be remotely turned on after it automatically turns itself off, I have been unable to do so. As a physically handicapped person, this is a real burden. Help is needed.  My mobile computer and the printer are on different floors.  I have great difficulty with stairs.  I cannot move the printer from my office upstairs. I often need to print from my laptop on the main floor. WIFI works well, but it is very painful to go upstairs every time to turn the printer on.  My prior canon that this one replaced would stay on, but the Pro 300 turns itself off. so I need to either have it stay on always and not turn itself off, or have a way to turn it on via WIFI.  please assist.