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how long can my Pixma Pro 10 be off after a power outage?


i don't do a lot of printing, a few prints a month and they all may be at the same time.

i always leave my printer on so it does the periodic cleaning cycles.

in january i am going to visit my family for up to 5 months.

i will leave the printer on but i am worried. we have periodic power outages. not often and it might not be during that whole time.

we are having a scheduled one tonight to replace a power pole and during red flag days Southern California Edison turns the power off which could be for a few days.


will my printer be ruined not to be on for a few weeks, possibly months?


how should i best prepare for leaving?


the photo is just nearest neighbor

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Not much you can do if you will be gone for 5 months.  Although connecting printers to a UPS is not typically recommended, I keep all sensative electrical devices in my home connected to UPS with AVR.  The ones I use are big enough to handle idle draw.  Not for days and days., but certainly for a few hours. Our weather is fairly temperate, but NorCal gets its share of big storms from time to time.   


In your case, I'd probably shut the printer down and disconnect from power.  I would do that for any sensative devices if I new SCE was going to put a new pole in on my street.  Like power failures, outages can cause a surge when power is restored and electricity comes on throughout the neighborhood.  Higher end UPS's also help protect against this.  Your printer is likely capable of withstanding the power coming back on, but disconnecting it won't hurt.  You are going to be gone anyway.


When you come back, you'l have to blow through some ink to ensure your printhead isn't clogged.  It will be fine,.  Go visit family and enjoy your time with them.       



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