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Pro-100 Problems Grow - Driver and Installation Issues


I continue to struggle to get my Pro 100 printing acceptably. But now I have managed to make it completely inoperable. My PC is a Lenovo running Win10/64 bit.

Here is what has happened. I deleted the printer on the printer and scanner page by clicking on the icon. Next I went into the registry and deleted every instance of the printer in software etc. I rebooted the computer. Logged on to Canon support, drivers. Canon correctly identified my computer and I clicked to download the driver.


I clicked on the open option a box with WinZip self extractor opens and is showing that the software is being extracted. The box closes. Nothing happens. After numerous tries I am able to see that it is saving to a folder that is merely identified with the backslash. I cannot find that folder. I have looked in %temp% searched hard drive C. Nothing.

But the Canon Printer Icon is back on the Printer Page. Open it and get "This device is working properly." Open the "driver" tab and there is no driver listed.


At this point I have run out of ideas. Help Please!!!!!



This sounds so frustrating. First thing you want to do is make sure you're downloading the most up-to-date drivers from our site HERE


You may want to start over - like you'd mentioned. By uninstalling everything, and reinstalling from the updated software on the site. 


If you have and you're still having issues, let us know. 

Starting over is my problem. I deleted everything. My install CD is long gone. I even tried downlading the driver file a suggest Southeast Asia Canon site but when I go to open it the same thing happens as described above. Unzipped quickly and the box closes. In the save to box all I see is \, But searching that discovers zero.

   At this point I am stymied. I hope you are sufficiently challenged to rescue me.


Some more information: I was able to freeze the winzip. It is saving to .\ When it enter p86l-win-pro_100-1_07-ea32_2.exe I get an error message that it cann create the setup file.

Does that help?


Based on this type of issue,  I recommend you reach out to Canon support. Our team will be able to assist you in real time with this matter. You will need to register your Canon gear HERE to access additional support options.

We look forward to hearing from you