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Printing on CDs with Pro-10 using Photoshop.


I am able to print on CDs via My Image Garden but the tools seem more aimed at the consumer level user and I would prefer to print out of Photoshop.  Seems odd there is the option in the printer driver to select "Tray K" for source/size and "printable disc" for surface, but as yet I haven't seen a paper size/document template needed to print the image on the disc in PS.  Anyone solved this one??


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi bbookhart,


You are correct, you can select the CDROM as a size from within the printing menu from Photoshop, but there are no templates available.  Editing the photo from within Photoshop, saving it and then printing it from My Image Garden is recommended.

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I have tried it with PS.  And I can not find a way to print DVDs from it.  It should work and I may give it a go when I get more free time to mess with it.

I use Easy Photo Pritn Pro instead of My Image Garden, however.

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