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Pixma Pro 100 printing dark and muddy




I have seen several threads about this and tried to read those over and learn from them first but I'll admit to being so lost.


I've had the printer since August and previously had a PC with Windows 8. Since December, I've been using a Mac. With both computers, though, I always got dark and muddy prints, especially with blues and greens.  I have installed drivers and looked for any software updates and the Canon website says I'm up to date. But when I go to print something, in the drop down box there are two options for paper - plain and photo. With my PC, there were a dozen or more options (matte paper, glossy paper, art paper, etc.).


I have installed ICC profiles from Red River Paper, as I did with the PC.


On a previous thread, I saw to go to Canon My Printer and then to settings. I'm guessing that's software? I don't seem to have that on my computer. I looked online and it came up on various software download sites but not the Canon web site. I am leery about installing from one of those web sites so I didn't.


After reading another thread, I went in to PhotoShop and selected a different color space (Adobe 1998).


I apologize for being so lost but apparently I am in need of super-simplified instructions. I cannot seem to figure this out. It's so frustrating and discouraging. I appreciate any help! 


Thank you!


On a Mac there are two printer choices - Bonjour and IJ. The IJ option takes longer to show up. Go to Add Printer, click the "+" option and wait for UJ to show. Select that one.
John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic

The IJ printer choice never showed up. What do I do about this?

You musy do the monitor set up first of all.  If you are geting even "muddy" pritns that the printer is working.

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I have that set in Photoshop, that Photoshop manages the color.



OK make sure your monitor is right.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

"The IJ printer choice never showed up. What do I do about this?"


Hopefully John Hoffman will see this.  He uses a Mac and can tell you more.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!

My primary photo computer is a PC with Lightroom, but my wife uses iPhoto on a MacBook, so I have had to learn how to setup the printer on a MB. I agree with comments I have seen on the web about the difficulities with Mac printing.


You can download the IJ Network tool from here:


Since you are using Photoshop i suggest you give Print Studio Pro plugin a try. It doesn't do anything and experienxed user can do directly in PS, but it makes it simpler. You find it under the Automate option in PS.


The other thing I suggest is downloading this test image:


I have used this with many folks I has assisted. Open the image in your photo software and print it without making any adjustments to the image - don't worry how it looks on your monitor.


It is properly exposed and color balanced. If you aren't getting a great image when you print then your printer needs some attention.


It has easily recognizeable images - strawberries, skin tones, fall trees, etc. so you can easily see if they are being reproduced correctly.


Once you have been through this repost and we can see where to go from there.


Like ebiggs1 says - its a great printer and many folks get top quality images from it. If you are having issues I am sure we can work through it.



John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, LR Classic



From the page ..


The bare minimum you need to install is;


1. CUPS printer driver (though it looks like you have that installed since you have the printer in the settings page)

2. Canon IJ Network Tool - this is the one that will get you the IJ printer choice. You will have to connect to the printer using a USB cable to set it up, after this you should be able to use wireless (or ethernet if you enable that choice).


The driver should have installed about 12 ICC profiles mainly for Canon papers. (I have the Pro-10 so I cannot compare)


Other sofware on that page is

Print Studio Pro - this is Canon's print manager. It installs plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom also.

Easy PhotoPrint EX - sofware for creating calendars and albums etc

My Image Garden - software to manage photos

Quick Menu - this I think installs a menu bar on the screen to access the other programs quicker

Color Management Pro - software that in conjunction with more hardware (on cost) allows you to setup your own ICC profiles

Pro-100 ICC profiles for Fine Art - more ICC profiles for fine art papers from Canson, Hahnemule, Illford amonst others...


I havent installed any of the ones above as I use Lightroom and Photoshop only to do photo manipulation and management.


First, you must not let the printer set anything.  Turn off every bit off control it has.  You can do this with the Canon My Printer under the Printer Settings tab.  Do you know how?  I will guess, yes, for now but if you don't get back to me.


Second, you need to have your photo editor (like Photoshop) handle all the settings and color matching.  You know how to do this? I prefer Photoshop.


And lastly, it is essential you get some settings on your monitor that somewhat matches what the printer is printing.  Your printer may be doing exactly what you are telling it to do and you have no idea it is, because your monitor is so far off.  If you don't do this step, you can forget the other steps.  However, there are only a few things that you need to be concerned with. You don't need any fancy extra add-ins to do this.  No additional software or gadgets, no spiders or monkeys, etc.


But you must get the gray-scale very close.  You need to get the brightness very close and you need the contrast very close.

Most folks set there brightness way too high by default. This presents a big problem when judging prints. You need to judge your prints in good light, preferably daylight. Again they may be correct and you don't know it.


After you do these things you can make adjustments to your prints by just looking at your screen.  Because you know the monitor and printer are on the same level.  One more point, you can NOT get a printer to print every color exactly the way you saw it.  It isn't possible as all colors and adjustments effect all others.  My goal is to get the skin tones right.  That is what people notice most. Remember you are dealing with two different disciplines here.  One is colored light and the other is colored dyes.  They are not the same thing.


For instance, I know my Pro-100 tends to print darker than what I see on the monitor (typical for most users).  So, I automatically know to set it's prints 1/2 to one stop brighter in Photoshop, in my case.  It also prints with a slightly warn tone.  Most of the time, with portraits especially, this if OK but sometimes it is not.  In that case I adjust the "temp" setting slightly cooler in PS.


All the Canon photo printers I have ever seen have this warm/magenta cast.  Canon engineers must prefer this look.  It can not be changed.  You need to "fix" it in post. You will also likely see a color tint even in your B&W prints. This is normal.


Make sure you have the correct ICC profiles and you are using Canon brand ink and paper until you get good with the printer.  Very, very important, otherwise you don't know if the printer is doing exactly what you are telling it to or not. This is a must!


Important to, use the USB connection until everything is right.  You are just adding another issue when you try to set up the printing and the wireless all at the same time.  Just like using Canon branded products until it is a go.  Use a real printer USB cable.  Not just any old USB cable.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!