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Pixma- PRO-200 ink waste


I print 15-20- 13X19 13 month calendars once a year. Half the page is a photograph from my vast collection of travel photos and the other half is a WORD calendar for that particular month. So each calendar uses up 13 pages of ink.

I recently switched to the PRO-200 from an Epson pigment printer. I figured that absolute archival is not necessary for calendars i give out to friends and neighbors, so the dye ink will be fine. One of these days I will print a test page and place it in a window with a strip of cardboard across the center to see how well the ink holds up, but so far I am VERY happy with the colors I am getting as well as the increased contrast and sharpness this printer is giving me over pigment inks. 

One thing that was really starting to irk me however was how fast the ink warning sign appeared on the lighter color cartridges such as LGY, PM, PC, and Y.  Since I was going to be doing all those pages, I had purchased 2 full sets of carts besides the ones the printer came with. So, when the yellow warning sign popped up I finished 2 more pages and then changed the cartridge. But as soon as I had done that, another cartridge warning popped up after a printer initiated "cleaning" cycle which I figured was to get the ink in the new cartridge flowing as it should. So I changed that cart as well, but after a page or so another warning sign pops up!  So, starting to get angry, I just let the printer keep printing until a new Red warning exclamation mark popped up. But I figured, "what have I got to lose?"  and printed 6 more pages and then changed that last cart.  In the meantime another yellow cart warning had popped up but I ignored that for as long as the last one, and continued printing. Pretty soon it became painfully obvious that I had thrown away at least 3 carts way too soon, wasting at least 1/4-1/3 of the cart by changing it before it was actually low enough to be an issue. 

So, fellow forum members, how many others have noticed this wasteful habit by pixma pro-200 printers- pushing careful users to throw away precious quantities of ink before changing cartridges is actually necessary? A CLI-65 cart apparently contains 12.6 ml of ink.  That's 0.0033285679 US gallon.  I will venture to say that 4ml of ink is wasted if the cart is discarded after the yellow exclamation point appears. Depending on what you pay for carts, I'll let you do the math.

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