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PRO-100 Setup Issues


I would like to use my printer via wireless connection. I use Apple's AirPort Extreme, so one-button setup is not an option. I have followed the directions to setup wireless via USB connection exactly as written....about 12 times now. Each time it has installed ALL the software. Also each time it says the new 'version' has over written an older version and a reboot is required.  It's installing from the same media, so I don't understand that.


In addition, some QuickView app got installed and complains about a missing driver with every reboot. I've been in I.T. for almost 20 years now. Should this be this difficult? Canon has been writing printer software long enough. 


I never receive an error message. I'm using Windows 8. When I look at my Devices/Printers page, I can see the printer listed. However, under the details is states 'Printer Driver unavailable'. The setup is stuck at a screen that states it will go away when installation is complete. Each time I have waited about 15 minutes. I am now about 3 hours into what should be a simple printer installation. This $400 printer has now cost me about $300 in billable time, and the cost is rising.



Hello mikebenton!


Thanks for posting, and welcome to the forum!  If this is a time-sensitive matter, we'd suggest reaching out to our technical support team through the following link: Contact Us.  The forums are not intended for immediate support.



I understand. I have decided to return the printer. If it is this difficult to setup, I can't imagine what is to come.... I should be connecting a cable and running setup.

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