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Info on Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte


Hi all,


Happy New Year.


I recently updated the drivers, firmware, and related software for my Pixma Pro 100 printer. While printing some images through the Pro Printer Plugin I noticed the new Platinum N and the new Pro Premium Matte papers.


I loved the look, feels and results when I printed on the older Fine Art Matte but Canon discontinnued the paper. Can someone at Canon please supply more information on the medium? How does it compare to the older FA Matte? who produces the paper? please provide reviews and technical specifications for the paper.



Brian 🙂



You can find lots of reviews on Amazon and on B&H Photo's websites.  And specifications.

I had never heard of the Platinum paper, but after reading the reviews I'm going to try it.

Hi John,


I did see it on Amazon but it is not on B&H, not that I could find. However, there are no reviews for the Canon Photo Paper Pro Premium Matte paper. The is for the older Fine Art Matte but not for the newer paper.


I also read that Canon "tweaked" the Platinum Pro Paper as well and there are now two seperate profiles for the Pixma Pro line of printers. I first noticed them when I noticed that Canon had new firmware for my Pixma Pro-100 printer.


I did manage to find more information on both the Europe and Japan Canon sites.


I'd like to find further information to see if the newer Pro Premium Matte is produced by a top tier paper manufacturer.


I liked the look and feel of the previous version but have started using other brands, Canson Infinity Plantine Fiber, Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique, Ilford Galleria and a couple of others.



"... to see if the newer Pro Premium Matte is produced by a top tier paper manufacturer."


You can rest assured Canon has and is using the finest sources to make it's branded paper and inks. They will not risk any suspect quality suppliers put the Canon logo on their products.

It is OK to use other brands of paper but never use off-brand inks in your printer.


Sometimes there are two or even more profiles for the "same" paper. This is because Canon tweaks the profiles form time to time or maybe a new paper supplier. To their praise, they leave the older profiles for folks that like the way they print and don't want to change.

I love the Pro Premium papers.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!


This is where I saw it on B&H Photo


You sound a lot more knowledgeable than I, so I don't have anything other to offer.

John - Thanks for the review link.

ebiggs - I ONLY use Canon ink made for the printer, I want consistent results and wouldn't think of using off brad inks in the printer.


I have used LOTS of different paper in the printers and have done testing with several manufacturers "Discovery Packs". I think they are a great option for trying paper without committing to an entire box of paper, especially when printing at 13" x 19". I am hoping that Canon will re-introduce a variety pack and will include samples from the Pro and Fine Art line. This way a can run my pattern tests and print known examples across different media to choose the best for each application and client.


I am sure the Pro Platinum Paper is great, I will order some and try it out on a variety of images. How do black and white images work out on this paper? How about framing? I'm always worried about framing a high gloss print under glass.


According to the Print Studio Pro plug-in, the pro Premium Matte can only be set to a quality of 2 or 3. Why not include the highest quality of 1? How does this affect the tonality of the prints?


I should just order media, print, look under my loop and judge on my own but I also like to hear what others have experienced.


First off I frame almost all the 8x10 prints I make. The Pro Platinum paper is great. It is very nice paper and it is on sale at the Canon store as we speak. As you have probably already found out the Pro-100 does not print true B&W. Knowing this, I believe the high gloss papers make that situation better.

As to the quality setting Canon uses, who knows their reasoning? Your guess is as good as any.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!
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