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Canon is shocking. Pro-1000 is junk.


Canon is absolutely shocking. In effect, my prisine, current model Pro-1000 is destined for the landfill. Not even recycling... you have to lug it to the trash. Where and how you do that with a 70lb printer is your problem.  An hour on hold, and I get through to tech support. He tells me error 7400 means service, but there is NO AUTHORIZED SERVICE any longer!!! You could try to recycle it with Canon, but their site doesn't actually allow that. So it's junk. Canon will give you a discount on a new one. I get put on another half hour hold to speak to sales. MSRP of $1299 less 10%. That's it. No way to fix it and the same price some are being sold for on the internet. My printer has lived a pampered life. Never moved. A few prints a month. Gulped ink and filled maintenance cartridges to clean the head. Over $1000 in new ink cartridges in the drawer, not even counting what's in the printer. And Canon's only option is to throw it out.



My experience with Canon's response to this so-called professional printer is the same. I've kept my Imageprograf 1000 running for over 3 years by finding a local (Burbank, CA) tech service center to work on the printer. One tip I learned from a technician is that error codes Canon claims are fatal can often be solved by replacing the print head. I took a chance that he was right and replaced the print head which solved the issue. Unfortunately the print heads are expensive, have no warranty and sometimes don't last a year.

DO NOT BUY this printer...unless you are very dumps just as much ink as it actually uses...I hardley use it now ..unless I have to ....and I go through maintenance cartridges for fun...EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE TO USE....and slow printing bulk prints...

Choose another make.