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Ask for Sample (See on CES 2015)




I was on your CES booth and got a discussion with one of your collaborator about Pixma Pro 1 and different kind of paper which are compatible.

He shows me a big book wich contained all Fine Art Paper compatible with Pixma Pro 1. I found inside some papers I want but I can't remenber all references. Could you send me all paper sample which were on this book ?
I have to choose between an Epson stylus 4900 and you printer, my choose is driven by getting touch with papers which are on this book.. One of them is the Moab Slickrock Metallic Pearl.


(I don't know if I am at the right place to ask you this, but its my only way to get information from France...)


Best regards from France,

Startup Founder 



Hi, Raphael!


The paper samples we had at CES are available in most parts of the world, and since you're in France, the easiest way to check out Canon's different offerings would be to contact your local Canon printer dealer, or to contact our friends at Canon France at


We hope this helps!

Hi Danny,

Thank you for your answer.
I already ask them (canon france and canon printer dealer).
There are not able to find reference paper samples which have been showed at CES.

Maybe could you help me to find them ? Just need the name of all papers samples that were inside the book at CES.

Best regards,

Hello Raphael!


Thanks for your post!

We do have a paper matrix available online that can help you locate the right paper to meet your needs.  Please click here:  Once you have a selection or two in mind, we suggest checking with your local Canon dealer(s) to check for availability.

We hope this helps you out!

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