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imagePROGRAF iPF765 - Hardware Error 03130031-2F13


Canon ipf765 when turned on goes through 4 minutes of "filling with ink" routine.  After that, It then immediately comes up with Harware Error 03130031-2F13 and says to "Turn it off, wait, and turn it back on".


Before this error.  For about 2 weeks before this, before a print started, it would commonly say "filling with ink" for about 30 seconds at a frequency of once every 3-5 prints but would always resume printing.


I found online that the error details are: Cutter Unit Failure: A/D converter external trigger output stops - Confirm the cutter driver board. If it is not corrected, replace the cutter driver board and the main board.


Firmware 1.01 - It has 6,025 feet total prints - It's about 14 months old.


After turning it off. Unplugging it for 30 minutes and turning it back on it does the same thing. 


Also, if you go to the web user interface when it says it is "filling with ink" on the printer display - on the web user interface it says the status is "cleaning printheads". 


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi tbtechg,


It is recommended that you contact live technical support . Real time feedback of a live technical support call would be very beneficial in this case.  Please dial 1-OK-CANON, Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. ET (excluding holidays). A Canon technical support representative will be able to resolve this issue faster.

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My printer just started with this error yesterday.  I called tech support and was told it would need to be repaired and its a flat fee of $900.00.  I bought it for like 1100.00   I can say I have maybe printed 3 rolls of paper with this printer.  Its not even 2 years old!   The gentleman on the phone was very professional so I could not take it out on him, but I will say I am VERY disappointed in this printer and I have great reservations in purchasing another one.


How was this issue dealt with? My printer is doing exactly what your did.



If you are experiencing the same issue or other errors, please contact our support group over the phone using the number listed in the previous response for assistance with your error.


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If you are using compatible inks this could be the problem, I think the chip sends incorrect info causing errors, try changing the ink tanks back to original inks

Changing to Canon ink fixed mine.

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