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imagePROGRAF TA-20 Cut margins


Hello all, 

I recently purchased my TA 20 and have set it up and done a few prints on some different media. No problems setting up the media themselves, but am curious how to set cut margins on rolls. When printing a poster on roll media, the printer feeds 9" out before starting the print, and then close to 10" out after the print finishes before cutting the roll. This is a costly waste of media. How do I adjust it to not feed so much media before cutting? I'm thinking an inch or 2 between print edge and cut is acceptable. As of now I am set up for Auto Cut. And I was trying to print from Adobe InDesign. Could it have something to do with Adobe Print Dialog?



This forum leaves a lot to be desired. So much for anyone gaining anything substantial here. Guess I'll stumble around in the dark some more.


Maybe a little late but I believe I had the same problem and found the solution in online user manual page 80 here: - "Cutting the Leading Edge of Roll Paper Automatically." I was printing thirty 48" sheets and it would auto cut 4 inches off the leading edge which adds up to ten feet of waste. Anyway I changed that setting from auto to off and it stopped doing that. As far as the extra paper after the print that is possibly the paper size setting. Let me know if that fixes your problem or not I am curious.