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imagePROGRAF PRO-4600 Suggestions on color profiles for Epson Signature worthy glossy canvas?


Hi there! new to this so I apologize if this is not the place for such a question.

I recently had to buy a new printer to replace our old IPF8400 - we now have a PRO-4600.

I used to run a lexjet brand of canvas called "sunset reserve gloss canvas" - which, I had an ICC color profile custom for that particular media, when that media was discontinued I went back to the only other canvas i knew I liked which was the epson Signature Worthy Glossy canvas. I never was able to find an ICC profile for that canvas, for my machine but that old Sunset profile worked just fine for the Epson brand gloss canvas. I still have many rolls of this and would like to use it up before exploring new media options, again. 😞 

So, back to my new printer I just ran some of this glossy canvas through it and used the canon media option of "artistic satin canvas" which was definitely not good. The inks did not adhere properly to the glossy coating of the Epson brand canvas.  And even after an hour, the inks are still very much not cured and a finger rub can streak it.

I would love to know if there anyone out there making ICC profiles of Epson brand medias but for the canon pro series? Epson, obviously was no help whatsoever. But If there is no third party ICC profiles available, what does the community suggest I use , media profile-wise - to remedy this adhesion issue as I would really like to not make all of this material be a loss.

Many thanks in advance,







I typically prefer printing with Epson Exhibition Canvas Satin. I ended up having to get a custom profile made with Mark Hanson.



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Thanks, I have been working with the folks at IT Supplies (as well as a  Canon Tech) in working through making a custom ICC profile for this particular canvas. The issue we keep having is the machine will not print the ink test prints from the Media Configuration Tool. No matter what we do.  I have since bypassed that part of the setup and the profile I made works ok enough without the ink level tests working.

I ended up using a glossy paper profile as a base to work from and adjusted the paper thickness and roll specs. 

It's not 100% but I've managed so far with it.

You should be able to ptint the test strips directly from the ColorSync utility