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imagePROGRAF GP-4600S Orange Is Too Saturated



I just purchased the recently released Canon imagePROGRAF GP-4600S which has the new 7-color Lucia Pro II ink system  (C,M,Y,K,MB,G,Orange)

This is my first large-format professional printer but I am familiar with Canon printing with ICC profiles and operating in a a color-managed printing workflow.

I'm currently mostly printing on plain paper roll as I await delivery of some nicer Canon roll media, however, I do have some A3+ Canon Fine Art Photo Matte and Semi-gloss Photo paper that I am testing with using Canon's ICC profiles. Right off the bat I'm noticing that the yellow/orange color reproduction is insanely over-saturated both in driver matching for plain paper, and with ICC profiles on the fine art papers.  Intended yellows and light-orange colors shift and are printed in an almost deep red/orange fluorescent color in print.

I'm not really sure how to troubleshoot this and could use some suggestions.  One of the bullet points on the sales sheet for this printer is the intense and vibrant orange capability of this new ink set, but what I'm getting is pretty over the top and I don't think it's correct.

Here's an example: Left = scan of original, middle = original, right = print from the 4600S.

Any suggestions?