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Print plugin for iPF 8400 not working in Photoshop 2023


I had to revert to Photoshop 2022 to be able to use the iPF6400_8400_9400Series-PinPD-MacX-603 plugin for Photoshop. Could you please let me know when you will have updated the plugin for PS 2023




Hi, Ralf!  If you haven't done so already, we recommend registering your printer HERE.  It lets you sign up for email updates whenever software and firmware updates are posted.  Hope this helps!

It is now 7 February 2023 and still no sign of being able to use the PS Print Plugin on my ipf8400 with photoshop 2023 and/or Mac OS Ventura. This is pretty disgraceful. Lots of us have been using this for years and rely on it. I am having to satay with PS 2022 and Monterey in the meantime but what happens when I really need to upgrade to either or both of those? Is my hugely expensive printer just to be left obsolete?




It's a disgrace.

Canon, get your act together. We're spending thousands of dollars on your ink, so please get your act together and fix this problem otherwise I have to buy an Epson next time as it only needs a driver while yours wants a plugin.

Hi Flup, it actually works in Ventura but not Ps 2023.
They still haven't bothered upgrading the Plugin.
Very disappointing.

That hasn't been my experience. Ventura seems to be the culprit with 2022, 2023, beta. It does not matter which PS version. It is the 6.03 plugin that's at fault, at least for me.


Hi Philip, I’m tagging you in this reply to make sure you see the workaround that worked for me. I described it in detail below, but I enabled Photoshop to open with Rosetta and then the plug-in showed up. Hopefully that will work for you as well. 

I'm having the same issue. I had to create a separate Volume for Big Sur, 2022 and 6.03 plugin to get it to work. With Ventura, as soon as you launch the plugin, CRASH.  The printer is a great printer but now I'm wondering if I would ever buy another Canon if this is the way they roll with software. Sad.

Hi Danny,
the latest description for the ipf8400 photoshop plugin states that it is compatible with OS13 Ventura and Photoshop 2023. I have tried multiple times to install it into the plugins folder but it doesn't show up when I try to export from Photoshop. See attached screenshots. Could you please help me to resolve this problemScreenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.17.23 pm.pngScreenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.02.36 pm.pngScreenshot 2023-05-31 at 12.03.20 pm.png

Hi Rhesse,

I had the same problem and after spending many hours trouble-shooting, finally tracked it down to not being compatible with the M1 chip. After setting Photoshop 2023 to open using Rosetta 2 (which is a workaround), the 'Export to ipf8400 Print Plug-in' option was enabled!! To enable using Rosetta, Control + Click the App name (Photoshop 2023), click Get Info, and there is a checkbox to open using Rosetta. I'll include a screenshot. Hopefully this works for you and anyone else that may be having this issue.



Glenna Bayer

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