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Ipf6400 “replenishing ink” forever?


I have an IPF6400 I use for printing screen printing negatives onto transparencies. It doesn’t get much use, but the last time I used it was fine. I don’t do this full time, it’s like a hobby that makes minimal money. I booted it earlier in the week and it complained about a full maintenance cartridge. So I replaced it with a new one.

When I booted it, it said “replenishing ink” and I let it do its thing, but it never actually got to the main screen after 25 minutes. I booted into service mode and was able to run a nozzle check and that printed fine. I noticed it also reported that my new maintenance cartridge had only 60% capacity and two of the inks had a slow blinking warning light.

All 12 ink tubes look fine. No bubbles or clogs that I could see. I’m using mostly canon brand cartridges, but admittedly some are generics.

Where do I go from here? I’m not getting any errors or anything. I feel like it’s just putting my ink directly into the waste cartridge.

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