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imageCLASS LBP622Cdw wireless connection issue


I have a Canon lbp622cdw printer and had some minor connection issues but it prints great looking pages. We recently upgraded our internet to a T-Mobile 5G system. Some of our devices will not work with 5G but I thought all the important ones did. I went to use my printer for the first time and realized we could not connect to the network. I tried using the Canon site but could not find a clear answer. I finally found a support phone number and called it only to discover that it would not work wirelessly. After a discussion I came up with 2 possibilities with one of them being doubtful from their position. It is possible to hardwire it to a computer but I do not have a cable to convert the USB connection. I opted to try my choice which was to attempt to use the ethernet cable. The tech on the line was very curious to know if it would work. We hooked it up and put the settings to wired and rebooted it. For the very first time my computer connected on the first try and I printed what I needed. My advice is if you are in a similar situation with any other model to attempt it before trying other solutions.

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