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TR7020 won't stay connected to wifi


I just moved. I can connect TR7020 printer to laptop/wifi...but it won't stay connected. Have gone through uninstall MP driver multiple times-it's the only way I can get the printer to print. After I follow the steps-through easy wifi connect it communicates with my computer (windows 11) and I can print document. I've tried restarts of windows, powering printer off and on...the initial set up of this printer (2021) was super easy and "friendly" for this non techy user! 


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There are two things that can typically affect wireless connectivity with your printer.  One is the distance from your router or access point and the other is the network configuration.  If your printer is losing connection to its wireless broadcast, it may be too far away, there may be an obstruction or some kind of radio interference.  

A multi-floor dwelling or expecting that your router will be able to broadcast through brick, multiple walls, heating pipes, ducting or a lot of glass can present challenges.  These are known as dead spots.  Almost every home has one.  It's a place where the wireless signal just doesn't offer the best coverage.  To resolve, moving the router or access point to a more central location, or  moving the printer closer to the broadcast can help.  

If proximity and signal strength are not the issue then the problem probably has to do with network configuration.  This can be characterized by you having to repeatedly uninstall and reinstall the printer from a computer in order to get it to print.  I would recommend assigning a static or reserved IP to the printer in order to solve this.  This only has to be done once.

Assigning a static IP is easy to do on your router.  After connecting the printer successfully to your network. Review the list of attached devices and confirm the IP address the router has assigned to the printer.  Now tell the router to use this IP for the printer exclusively.  Ways you can check if the printer is connected to the router.

Review the list of attached devices in the router's control panel.  Take note of the IP the router has assigned.

Confirm the connection using one of the following methods:

Open a web browser and enter the IP address the router has assigned to the printer, you should see its web server.

Open a command prompt and use the ping command.  

Print a network configuration page from the printer.  

You should be able to find instructions for assigning a static IP address in the routers user guide.  If you're not able to find one, tell us the brand and model and we can try to help.  If the hardware is issued by your ISP their support portal may contain a copy or link.  

If you have other details or information you'd like to share, we would be happy to try and help.  




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