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Scanning: how to prevent the software from adding the date to the saved file name??


I thought I had "upgraded" moving form the MP620 to the MX922 but am starting to think I made a huge mistake.  Hoping someone here can help me!


I mostlyh use the devicet for scanning documents.  The issue is that when I give my document a name the IJ Utility software then adds a sequence of numbers to indicate the date (like _20160308-0001).  I called into the support line to find out where in the settings I can turn off adding that extra, unnecessary data (after looking around settings for a long time and not finding anything) and they told me that it was not possible to do so!!  UGH!!  


So now whenever I scan a document (which I do A LOT- and why I bought this printer/scanner) I have to go through the extra step of opening the file that was saved and having to rename it a SECOND time to not include the extra crap the IJ Utility software is adding.  This maching  just DOUBLED my work by doing that and not allowing us to turn that off.



Does anyone know if  there is ANY work around for this? Can I go back to using MP Navigator (or any other software) to address this issue?  I'm super bummed to find out about this design flaw.  REALLY hoping someone here knows of a work-around for this issue. Fingers crossed...



Hi SuperCraig,


The MP Navigator program is not compatible with the PIXMA MX922, and there is not a way to prevent the date and sequence data from being appended to the name of the files scanned using the IJ Scan Utility; that information would need to be deleted manually after the item has been scanned.  


As an alternative, if you are using a Windows computer, you could use the built-in Windows scanning program/app or Microsoft Paint program to scan documents/images, or, if you are using a Mac, you can use the ImageCapture program to scan.  The printer is also able to be used with other TWAIN-compliant scanning programs, so you may be able to locate one that is more suitable for your needs by doing a search on Google for these types of programs.

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Do you know if there are any plans to fix this issue in a future software update?  I really don't understand why it would be designed that way without the option to not include that data if it's not wanted.  Where/how do I post a request to have that fixed in a future update?


Anyway- I am grateful for your other suggestions. It appears that I have two "scan" apps on my machine, but unfortunately neither of them "sees" the Canon MX922.  Any suggestions on how to resolve that issue?  Or other software that you would suggest trying to resolve this issue?  I really don't want to have to put in a file name each time only to have to yet again rename it after it's been scanned- what a royal pain in the butt that is!


Thanks for taking the time to respond and for helping me sort out my options!

OK, after some research I was able to get my machine to recognize the MX922 as a scanner (just had to add it into the Control Panel a second time) and now I can use it with either the Scan app or the Windows Fax and Scan app in Windows... BUT the options for how the scanned documents can be saved are ONLY - PNG, JPG, BMP and TIF... I can't seem to find any way to save as a .pdf (or even a word file, which wouldn't be ideal but would work)... so I'm STILL stuck trying to figure out how to use this scanner and not double my work load... open to any/all suggestions on how to resolve this issue!!

Hi SuperCraig,


I saw your post in this forum when searching for a solution to the problem of the Canon softare appending the date to the file nameduring the scanning process.


I'm currently scannning 3000+ family photos from prints and have found this date inclusion in the file name to be a PITA.


There seems no easy way to stop it happening BUT I've found a relatively easy way to remove the date in bulk and/or replace it with something else, if only a space.


I use some free software called ReNamer. I can't remember where I got it from but I've been using it on Windows XP, 8.1 & Windows 10. It's not pretty but it works. It will remove the date from all filenames in a folder with just a few seconds work.





It cannot be prevented like veryone has found out. But I found an easy way to rename all my photos on MacBook:

I am sure there is a similar method for PCs.

It drove me bats renaming my hundreds of photos in the few months I had the scanner. It really is pretty lousy that there is no option to leave the current date out of the file name.

Thank you for your post.  Having the date on the end of file names has been a nuisance for a long time and your method removes them very quickly.


Yes, I agree.  This is a ridiculous aspect of their software.  I too have to remove the date and time from the filenames it creates.  This should be an easy fix for them, but good luck to us in getting it.  Someone actually had to put effort into making their software worse by causing it to do this.


For Windows 10 - [Removed 3rd party link per Community Guidelines] Fantastic scanning software.  Free download.  Does not do anything stupid or annoying to your .pdf documents or their names.  Has all the tools I would ever want in a document scanner.  Allows you to reorder, crop, and or delete pages before saving to .pdf , plus many more tools I haven't yet explored.  VERY easy to install.  VERY easy to use.  I am not associated with whoever wrote this app.