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Printing via a wifi network...


Does anyone know how to connect a older Pixma 280 to a computer via a router/modem?
I have it hooked to my TP-link_F603 modem/router via Bluetooth. I can print to it via my cellphone using a Printer Share App. But...
I would also like to print to it using my laptop without having to go through the cord. Can I do this using a network principal?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Wily,


The PIXMA MP280 does not have wireless capabilities, so the only method to connect your PIXMA MP280 would be via USB.  Some router allow USB printers to be directly connected to them in order to print over the network.  This is not something Canon supports, you would have to contact that routers manufacturer for assistance with that.


You can also connect your PIXMA MP280 directly to a computer using the USB cable and then sharing that printer out over the network.  The downside of this method is that the computer which the PIXMA MP280 is connected to must be on in order to print.




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