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Pixma TR4720 Windows 10 printer installation Access Denied


I have a new Pixma TR4720 I am trying to set up on a Windows 10 computer with a USB AB printer cable.  I have tried many times to run the install program which fails to install the printer.  It installs the scanner and the scanner works just fine.  When I try to manually add the printer, I get access denied.  Canon support logged on and tried all the install procedures and they also failed.  The master install program runs, but when done, only the scanner is installed.  If you just try to run the driver install, that runs, but when done, you still don't have an installed printer, just a scanner.  If you try to manually add the printer and tell it to use a usb port, it fails with Access Denied.  Canon support has told me to work with Microsoft windows support and figure out why access is denied.  I have googled for help and have done the following:   restart the printer queue;  run the install as the admin;  disabled windows defender;  removed mcafee with the mcafee removal tool.  Any help would be appreciated.

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