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Pixma Pro-100 not connecting to router


I just got the Pixma Pro-100 and have already had issue upon issue. First, I do not have a CD drive on my desktop so I had to dig from the depths a terrible dusty old laptop that hasn't been used in forever to used the CD set-up disc because downloading the drive and manual from the website to my desktop was not working. Second, I do not have direct access to my router as I live in an apartment complex that "owns" the wireless account so there is not way I can "press the WPS" button like the setup instructions for the wireless access like the paperwork says. I have been trying for approximately 4 hours to setup the wireless connection with the USB cord and keep getting the exact same message "The printer could not be detected on the network.Specifying the IP address may enable the communication with the printer. Select the method for specifying the printer IP address from the following. Click Connect to perform printer detection again. 1. Get IP address automatically. 2. Use next IP address." 

I have tried both ways and have even printed the printer details to try and get more spec. information and still cannot get past this screen. 

Can anyone spread some insight




Suggest you not use ancient drivers.  It also sounds like you are having multiple networking issues.  Try solving each, one at a time until you are in a position to download and run current drivers and applications from the Canon support page for your product. Using current drivers will provide the best experuence, otherwise more frustration awaits you.


Seems you are facing multiple challenges.  If you are not "in control" of your network, and cannot administer wireless, getting the printer to connect to the network in your building may prove difficult or impossible.  The printer can only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast.


Its likely the wireless network is assigning IP addresses that can change.  So, even you are successful getting your printer to connect, what works today, may not work tomorrow if things beyond your control change.  


Given your challenges, I'd connect via USB and call it a day.  

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