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Pixma MX922 won't print, both my computers show status is "another computer is using the printer".


I only have two computers set up to use this printer. Each one reports that another computer is using the printer and so cannot print. So the printer is just a brick right now. I've cycled the power on it several times with no change in status.


I finally rebooted my computer and the item in my print queue printed at last. But that's a pretty extreme solution.


What causes the printer to think that another computer is using it when there isn't another computer using it? This has become a daily occurrence and it's getting really annoying! How do I fix it?


System configuration: My computer is running Windows 10 and my wife's computer is Windows 7. Both are Dell Precision series laptops. The MX922 is connected to the home network by wireless connection, as are both laptops. The router is a Linksys 1900AC model using WPA2 encryption.


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Product Expert



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