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Pixma MG3620 Won't Recognize My WIFI Network - Warning Light Lights Up




I am trying to connect my Pixma MG3620 printer to my WIFI network via the Canon Print app on my iPhone.  When I get to the step where it searches for my network name it doesn't come up and the orange/yellow warning light ligths up. I can't seem to get past this step.  I have restarted my router and turned the printer on and off.  I need to get to the part where I choose my network and enter my password to connect it, but I can't get there. At this point should I just do a wired connection? 




Product Expert
Product Expert



To connect your PIXMA MG3620 to your Wi-Fi, please follow these steps:


1.  Please uninstall the Canon PRINT app from your iPhone.


2.  Turn your PIXMA MG3620 off.


3.  Open the App Store on your iPhone and redownload the Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY app.


4.  Once installed, if the app is open, please close it.


5.  Turn your PIXMA MG3620 back on.


6.  Please press and hold the Wi-Fi button on your PIXMA MG3620 until the power lamp flashes, then let it go.


7.  Press the Color Start button 1 time.


8.  Press the Wi-Fi button 1 time.  The Wi-Fi light should not be blinking.


9.  On your iPhone, please return to the main screen of the phone and tap Settings.


10.  In Settings, tap Wi-Fi.


11.  In the list that appears, select the network with "canon" in its name, to connect your iPhone to that network.


12.  Once your phone is connected to the canon network, please open the Canon PRINT app.


13.  "Do you want to search" will appear, tap Yes.


14.  Select your home wireless network name and enter your Wi-Fi password.


Your PIXMA MG3620 will then be connected to your Wi-Fi.






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None of this is working for me. I get all the way to the last step and it won't recognize the printer on my network.  This  is a pathetic product made for the 2000s apparently. i wish I had known. No printer should be this hard to get to work. 


Please tell us about your network hardware?  The printer has a 2.4Ghz radio.  It cannot connect to a 5Ghz network.  Dual band router? - If your network is using the same SSID (network name) for both broadcasts, this might cause issues.  Please ensure you have a 2.4Ghz network that uses a unique name (different than 5Ghz) if applicable.

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Thank you--I was trying to connect it to a 5ghz network. I tried using the phone app to connect it to my phone using a 4ghz network. It wouldn't work either and I did a direct connection (which connected, but printing didn't work anyway). Then I decided to try again connecting the printer to my computer using the 4ghz network. It finally installed. Now I can access the printer using my 5ghz network as well. The issue seems resolved, but this product is ridiculous and should be taken off the market if it is so antiquated. I bought this "new." Five hours of my life that I cannot get back. Nothing in the manual said it could not connect to a 5ghz network, probably because it was written a decade ago.


The printer itself only has a 2.4Ghz radio.  This is listed in the product specifications in the printer's manual and on the printer's support page.  Maybe you missed it? 


For reference: Canon : PIXMA Manuals : MG3600 series : Specifications

3G/4G/5G in your reference above refers to cellular technology.  This refers to the providers network your phone connects to for cellular reception.  ATT, Tmobile, Verizon, etc. This is a different type of wireless technology. 

Please note, unless you have your wireless networks isolated, devices on one or the other network can see each other and communicate.  The same way a wired device connected with a cable can see your wireless devices.  How a device connects to the network doesn't matter, its function is to allow all devices to communicate.  

So your printing now. This is good.  If you have other questions, please let us know.

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OK. Well, it is working now. It took over five hours to set up because it is extremely glitchy, for whatever reason. Thanks for sharing your expertise. 

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