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PIXMA TS3522 drivers needed


So my elderly parents just bought the TS3522 not realizing they have to go on the net for the software. They have no internet. No problem because it says you can print from a desktop if your internet is out, or no cell service. It's beyond reasoning why Canon does not include an installation/set up/manual disc these days. So I come here to download the software. Problem is it won't allow me to transfer that sw to flash to take to their home to install. It asks me "if I'm sure I want to copy this file without its properties?" Huh? Out of a 20+mb file, it will only copy 5+mb? No problem. I find a way around this and get them copied. Drive across town again and copy that to their desktop. Go to run the software and see what looks to be it trying to connect to the internet? Then get an error, then it closes. I close out and look in the files. It's beyond reasoning why there are none, ZERO drivers in the folders.

So if you read this far, why, why would a 20mb file NOT include the most important file to make this printer work? Now they are boxing it back up to get their $ back. I can not find drivers for this model anywhere. Why?

Not everyone has a cell phone and not everyone has internet. They just want a printer they can hook up to their desktop and print and make copies. But it seems all the new ones won't allow this. Why?




Welcome to the community.  Maybe this will help.  Most manufacturers don't include CD-ROMs or installation media with their products anymore.  This is why.  Most laptops don't have a CD or DVD any longer and in many cases it's an option even on a desktop.  In addition, by the time you get a purchase home, whatever installation media the manufacturer might have included will likely be old or out of date.  Most included CDs find there way into the garbage.  

You are going to need internet access (somewhere) to get the files needed to install the printer.  Your house, the office, or a mobile device.  If you want to use USB, the drivers can be copied to a USB stick as you mentioned.  The printer also supports wireless direct, so you can print directly from a mobile device using the Canon Print App.

Canon Support for PIXMA TS3522 | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

The installation file can be copied to a USB stick as you suggested.  The installer is a self extracting zip.   If you are having issues copying the file to USB, you can change the file extension from .exe to .zip.  It can then be extracted (unzipped).  Its not necessary, I'm just offering it as an alternative. 

Running the unzipped mssetup4.exe from the unpacked installer should allow you to install.  I don't believe you'll see the "information acquisition error".  If you do, look for a Cancel button or checkbox at the bottom of the dialog that disables this check. 

If you have further challenges, let us know.

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Please re-read my original post. We are going in circles. 

I did download from my home. I ran mssetup on the one that would copy to usb drive, but it gave the error I stated above immediately after I clicked "start" and closed itself down after I clicked "ok". I assume it was searching for an internet connection to grab the drivers. like I said, there were no drivers in either downloaded zip files. What I downloaded was win-ts3500-1_2-n_mcd right from this site. Could not copy to usb. Out of the 20mb file, it would only copy 5mb and that was on a clean high cap drive. So I extracted the files and went through them.... No drivers at all.

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