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PIXMA TR7020 Computer Can't Find Printer, Print Jobs Take Hours


I have successfully used my Canon TR7020 over my home wifi for a few years.  Recently, however, when I try to print the computer (Windows 10) says it can't find the printer.  If I leave the document in the Windows print queue, it will eventually print but many hours later. I have also found that if I turn the printer off, then on again, documents in the print queue will immediately print. So it's not a firewall issue.

I thought it might have to do with Windows power management settings. So yesterday I changed the computer to "never" sleep when plugged it. This morning I successfully printed a page with no delays and no issues.

I have not declared victory yet as it does not explain why the issue (docs not printing) also occurs with my iPad and iPhone. Also, since I can't readily reproduce the error, who might recur.

So my questions: Anyone have suggestions as to why this is happening? Are there printer settings that might cause the printer to not connect to the laptop and iGadgets?

Thank you!

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