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My MF220 printer keeps going offline


Why does my printer keep going offline? I have to restart it every day to get back online.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello wendistrauchmah,


So I can better understand what is happening, may I ask you some questions?


How is your MF220 series printer connecting to your computer, with a USB or via your network?


If you are using it on your network, did you manually set a "static" IP Address for your MF220 series printer or does your router automatically assign your printer's IP Address?


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It is wired LAN. I took off the fire wall thinking that would help. Not sure that is the issue and haven't used it enough with that settitng to know. It is an autodetect IP and I do not know how to set it to manual. 

It is set on autodetect when I look at the control panel. router assigns it. It is wired Lan. I always have to restart the printer to get it to print. 


I have a MF210 so I don't know if it's exactly the same but I followed these steps:

- Preferences

- Canon MF210 tab

- Options & Supplies tab

- Supply Levels tab

- More info tab

   - Hitting this tab should open a webpage for your Canon printer (just hit "ok" if it asks for password)

   - On the upper right of page hit the Settings/Registration tab

   - On the upper left of this page select the Timer Settings tab

   - Select EDIT in the upper right corner

   - On the last line change Auto Offline Time to "0".


My printer has never gone offline since I made this change. Hope this helps. 


It didn't work..Still have to reset all the time. I never saw this message.

thank you.

You're welcome! Since I sent this to you mine has started going offline again. lol. Whenever I print and see an "orange lightning bolt" on the printer icon I know I have to go shut off the printer and turn it back on. Happens quite often. Wish Canon had a patch.