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My Image Garden Internal Error at Startup


I have been using MIG for quite some time without issue.  I use it to auto correct and crop photos that are then saved afterwards.  The other day, after doing this, something happened and I do not know why or how.  Did I mistakenly click on an action I should not have?  I do not know.


Now, when I start up MIG, I get the program's main screen with the Guide Menu, but when I close the Guide Menu, I get an "internal error" message box with "exiting software".  Behind that, the main screen shows a vertical row of people images that each has a "register name" above them.  After clicking on OK in the error box, that ro of images disappears and I get the error message again, which I click on OK once more to fully shut down the MIG.  All of this was done without using my printer/scanner.  In fact, it was not even on.

I was using MIG version 3.3.0.  I uninstalled this and installed the latest version, 3.6.4 and still got the very same internal error.  I tried this twice.  It seems a clean install does not work and may have something to do with Windows?  After the first time, I updated all drivers to printer scanner even though I do not believe it had anything to do with the error.


I am using Windows 7 (64-bit) and have an MG3500 series printer/scanner.


Any ideas or help would be appreciated as I really like this program for photo editing.