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MX922 WiFi password change issue


Hi, I've had an issue for some time where I can't change the password saved in the printer for my network. I've been using it wired due to this issue. When I try to connect to wireless lan it says password incorrect. I have tried the Reset LAN settings option but it doesn't remove the saved networks and I must change my router ssid to make it work. Very bummed out by the plethora of issues I have with every printer I buy. If only it would ask for the friggin password.


Thanks for any insight. 



I had the same problem and finally found a solution.  In the printer user manual it says WPA/WPA2 encryption method on your router is not supported by this printer.  You'll have to go into your router as administrator and change the WPA version to just WPA2 if yours is set to WPA/WPA2 or WPA2/WPA3.  Go back and do the WAN setup on the printer again, find the router name, click OK, in the next step only one option is highlighted, it shows some address or something, click it and it will then ask for the password!  Enter it and you are good to go!

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