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MX522 set up error


Hi everyone, I've been using my MX522 for years now and I just got a new router from my cable company today. I've been trying to connect my MX522 to it, but it just leads to an error. What I don't understand is that one of the troubleshoot options is that I may have entered the password wrong, but it didn't give me an option to enter a password at all. I was able to set it up fine about 2 years ago to my previous router so I don't think it's because it's outdated or anything. Also my computer can't find it but thats kind of expected.



Greetings ,

The MX522 was first available in 2013.  It is 11 years old.  

It will connect to a 2.4Ghz wireless broadcast that uses WPA2 / AES encryption.  Please login to the new router and ensure it meets these requirements.  

If It's dual or tri-band, it might be helpful to give the 2.4 GHz broadcast a unique name (at least temporarily while you troubleshoot connectivity).  Also make sure security encryption is set to WPA3/WPA2 or WPA2 for backwards.   compatibility.  Some newer devices come set to WPA3 only and this standard is not supported by the printer.  Take a look at these settings and let us know what you find.  



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