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MX 472 Printer Could Not be Detected on the Network


This is killing me. I don't know what the problem is. I have tried and tried to install the MX 472, but it will not connect to the network or be found. I had  this printer work before on another router, but after moving, it won't connect. I hae RESET all data, still it won't be found.


I did manage to see it once in my list of networks, but that was only once. When I try to set up using cableless method, the Canon_ij_Setup shows, but the installation won't find it.


I printed the Network Configuration page and this is what I am seeing:


Wireless Lan - Enable

Connection - Inactive

MAC Address - D8:49:2F:B7:9A:56


Communication Mode - Infrastructure

Channel -

Encryption - none

WEB Key Length - Inactive


IPv4 IP Address -


and the remaining is all blank.


Anyone could help, please....  This is so frustrating.



Hi, razzor!

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Thanks and have a great day!



But I am struggling why it is not showing on my network. Only the Cannon_ij_Setup shows when doing a cableless setup but it disappears after a time out.

Hi razzor,


Please try using the manual method of connecting your PIXMA MX472 to your Wi-Fi:








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Thanks, but it doesn't work.


When I get to step 8:

When Select access point appears, use the left or right arrows to select the wireless network to connect to:


The printer shows my router but it will not connect. The router offers both 2.4 and 5 G. My computer is usually on 5 G. I haven't experienced this problem before.


Any ideas?

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