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MG5200 wireless lan setup: no characters appear for entering password


The MG5200 sees my network, but after I select it, I can get no further.

No characters appear on the screen when it is time to enter the wireless access point password.
The screen says "ok to enter edit", and no characters show on the screen.
I hit the ok button and rotated the wheel, but still no characters appear on the screen.

I must be missing something.



Hi memeboy,


This machine allows you to enter characters when an on-screen keyboard is displayed.

Follow the procedure below.


Press the right function button (under "Enter/Edit) to display the keyboard.



1) When an on-screen keyboard shown above is displayed, press the center FUNCTION button (F) to switch to a keyboard having characters you want to use.
  • Four character sets are available: Upper-case alphabets, lower-case alphabets, numbers,and symbols. Each time you press the center FUNCTION button, an on-screen keyboard is switched among them.
2) Select a character on the on-screen keyboard using the buttons (A) (C),then press the OK button to enter it.
  • Entered characters are displayed on the upper section (G) of the on-screen keyboard.

3) Repeat (1) and (2) to enter more characters.
4) After you enter all characters you need, press the left FUNCTION button (E).
* To insert a space, select Space on the on-screen keyboard and press the OK button.
* To insert characters, select the section (G) of the screen using the or button, move the cursor to the character on the right of the target position using the or button, then enter characters.
* To delete a character, select the section (G) of the screen using the or button, move the cursor to the target character using the or button, then press the right FUNCTION button (B).

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