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MF751Cdw and Airprint


This seems to be a common issue but I've not seen a resolution yet.

I just today, 12/18/2023, received a MF571Cdw printer.   So far most of it has gone well. The main issue that I'm seeing is that AirPrint is not always available.   I can print two or three emails and then open up another email and the AirPrint says it can't find the printer I just printed to.   It appears that the printer is available for use for about 5 minutes and then disappears.  I have found two things that bring it back for a little bit 1) go back into the Remote UI and toggle the use of AirPrint off and then on, or 2) reboot the printer.  Like I said, this lets AirPrint work for a little bit (usually about 5 minutes) and then it disappears again.

I've seen that different printers are having the same issue so it seems to me to be a firmware issue, possibly.  I downloaded the most recent firmware before I started testing the AirPrint so I don't know if the new firmware is the cause or not.  Based on other posts here, I tend to think not.  

A very frustrating experience to say the least. 

I have a Mac book that I've yet to setup and try to use.  I hope that goes well.  

Has anyone had a similar issue with AirPrint and do you have a solution that you can share?


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