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MF628CW wired PC can't find anmymore


Old hold out, still running Win 7 ultimate and hate to change.


Our Cannon MF628CW has been wired to our modem since we brought it home and recently we can't print to it. Everything is hard wired to the moden or hub and we used to be able to print off anything.  I use IP Vanish but that should not interfer, it's been there from the begining when we bought the Cannon.


I run the software installer and it can't find the printer, it's hooked up as in the begining, power always on and even newer ether net cable, straight to the modem/router.


All the help will be greatly appreciated so we don't have to shell out $3-4 Hundred for another printer,copier, scanner






I suggest you abondon what "worked before" and take control.


Assign the printer a static IP address.  This can be done on the printer or your modem/router.  Restart the printer and verify its using this IP.  


How,?  Check the attached devices list in the admin portal of your modem/router, or PING it, or open a web browser and verify you can view its web server... 


Now uninstall the printer from your system and restart.


Reinstall the printer, adding it as an IP ptinter,  specify its IP address.  Grab a fresh and most current copy of the printer's installation file:


Support | Color Laser | Color imageCLASS MF628Cw | Canon USA


Last piece of advice.  Upgrade to Windows 10, its free.  You can use the product key for windows 7 to activate. 


Download Windows 10 ( 

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Product Expert

Hello Lemonyx,


If the printer connection stopped working and the setup was unable to find the printer, it will usually mean the printer has lost connection to the network or there is a drop in network communication. You can start by checking the printer's ipv4 address using the steps provided HERE. Once you have the printer's ip address you can test if there is still communication between the two devices by pinging the ip address or opening a web page and entering the printer's ipv4 address into the address bar and checking if you can access the printer remote user interface. It should look like the steps in the link HERE.


If you can't get to the address, I would suggest going over the steps to connect your printer to the network with an ethernet cable. You can use the link HERE to check the wired/wireless setting and then you can disconnect and reconnect the ethernet cable. Once it has been reconnected, you can try reinstalling the drivers again to see if it can find the printer.

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