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MF 3010 Wireless Print Server Option


Hello. I've been waiting to use this brand new printer after my other died. Went to set it up today and to my dismay, I discovered it's not wireless! I didn't even know they made them non-wireless anymore! So, it's too late to return it. So, I've been researching the easiest and cheapest way to make wireless is to buy a Wireless Print Server, but I'm not sure what exactly will work with this printer. What specs do I need to make sure work with this printer?


I found a Linksys WPS54G one pretty cheap but on its listed compatible printers, this is not one of them, so I don't know what or why it wouldn't work with this and what I need to look for exactly. Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Not happy having to spend more money just to get this wireless. 




The MF3010 is 13 yrs old.  Although wireless existed, this printer was never marketed as supporting this connectivity.  

You could use the Linksys print server (above) with an ethernet connection.  Not with wireless.  Its 54g and only supports WEP encryption.  This standard is highly insecure and its unlikely your existing wireless hardware supports this 20+ year old security standard.  You might want to consider using this printer as a USB device (native interface). Just for reference.  You can run a USB cable about 16ft.  If you use USB to ethernet you can run approx 320ft.  If you must have wireless, buying a true network capable printer with modern wireless connectivity might be best.

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