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LBP632Cdw - lost on canons website looking for firmware update


The vulnernability issue discussed here:

Has a links included for affected products. I have an LBP632Cdw and the link for that page takes me to that products support page which has no updates for the firmware..

Anyone know if there is a firmware update and where it's located? I have all the latest drivers from the product support page so no replies related to that please.


Many thanks



If you printer is behind a firewall, the vulnerabilities cannot be exploited.  It would have to be connected to a directly to the internet.  

"If the product is connected directly to the internet without using a wired or Wi-Fi router, a third party could potentially execute arbitrary code or the product could be subjected to a Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack."

I searched and did not see any firmware downloads for your device either.  You'll have to reach out to support directly for further assistance. 

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