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Installing Canon PIXMA TS9520 drivers on a LInux computer


Late last week I purchased a new Canon Pixma TS9520 printer to replace an Epson printer that was about 2 or 3 years old.  The reason for replacing the Epson printer was that an Epson Tech Support agent informed me that Epson did not have or offer any support for any computer using the Linux operating system.  About two months ago, while still trying to use the Epson printer, the printer started showing problems with two-sided printed pages and with printing directly from an Internet page like an order form or the confirmation for an order.

I bought the TS9520 because a sales agent at Canon Sales assured me that the Linux operating system is, and will be, supported.  Yesterday, (November 13, 2022) I found and downloaded cnijfilter2-5.70-1-rpm.tar.gz which is a driver file for the Linux operating system.  What I need is help entering the required commands in the terminal window that will unzip and install those drivers and get them ready for me to use.  The printer (the TS9520) can find and connect to the home wireless network and is positioned in the same room as the computer.  But neither the printer or the computer can 'find' or 'see' each other.  The computer is a System76 Theilo desktop that has their Pop_Os! installed.  That operating system is very similar to Ubuntu.

I do know how to use the terminal window, just not sure what commands are needed.

Thank you.

Jim Good



Hello Jim,

IMHO your question is best asked in GNU/Linux forums.

Often there is already an answer for your question, i.e.

I myself have an TS9500 and everything runs flawless under Linux with these instructions (I've used "Method 4").




In all truth, this question has been posted to GNU/Linux forums that I frequent. For whatever reason, the other users of those forums seem to prefer other makes/models of printers and thus there was no direct response to my question on those forums. I simply wanted direct, first-hand information.