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Imageclass mf644cdw doesn't reconnect to wifi after going to sleep


Having an issue with my laser printer. After it goes to sleep or restarts, it disconnects and doesn't automatically reconnect back to the wifi, and it's annoying having to type it back in every single time I want to print from my phone or something.


- I have the latest version of the firmware

- Using wireless LAN

- Imageclass mf644cdw

- Connecting the printter to SSID accesspoint again is the only way it appears on my iPhone (through the app)




This sounds like it might be a limitation caused by your wirelss router or access point.


For starters.  The printer will only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast.  If your wireless is dual band and using one SSID name for both 2.5/5G, this could be the problem.  Uing separate broadcasts is best as this allows you to pick the band that individual devices connect to. 


Second to this, I would reserve or set a static IP for the printer.  This way it will always get the same IP address.  Ways to accomplish this.  Reserve and IP for the device by it's MAC address.  Tell the router or AP to give this MAC address this IP when it coonnects.   


Or, decrease the DHCP pool range and assign the printer a staic IP address above or below this pool.


Example: (printer could live here) ~ (DHCP Pool) ~ (printer could live here)


You can use whatever scheme you wish as long as the IP you select is not in the DHCP pool being handed out to other devices that "come and go" from your network.



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Quick update


The printer now reconnects to wifi!


I've set a static IP for it through DCHP pool reduction. However, I'm still having issues discovering the printer through airprint on my iphone.


I'll only pick it up temporarily after I reset the printer or reset the wifi. Any pointers?

Hi magehunter45.


Check that the iPhone is on a 2.4 GHz wifi connection.  It's probable that the MF644Cdw is on the 2.4 GHz wifi, and the iPhone is connecting on 5G.  Most 5G routers default to keeping the two types of WiFi separate, to maintain the faster 5G speeds.


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There is no way a dual band SSID using the same names for both radios is the cause of this issue. The printer only sees the 2.4GHz transmission. 


I am having this same issue. But it has been grabbing the network just fine for over a year. We have Netgear Orbi dual band with same SSID names.


I just now set a static IP for the printer. We'll see if setting the static IP will fix it (I suspect it will), but will try the pool settings if it does not. 



Same issue, 743cdw. I treid static IP and that failed. I'm connected to 2.4 network, no difference.I have to reinstall the print drivers to get it to reconnect. Incredibly stupid and annoying. The product is a failure. No more Canons.

Mine is staying connected now. I made a static IP and also deleted the printer and re-added printer. But you have to add the printer by IP address. Don't do the automatic search. It may find it, but just select "I don't see my printer" or whatever it is and add by IP address.