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Having to reinstall my Canon MF 644 Cdw Every time I start my computer


Every time I start my computer (The Canon printer does not get shut off) I have to reinstall my Canon MF 644 cdw connected with USB (also tried wireless).Windows 10, HP Desktop PC Not on a network.

If I open a file and go to file > print, nothing happens and I have to go to the print que to see if anything is even there, then clear it. If I right click a file, and chose print, I get no less than 5 error windows sometimes as many as 7 that say:
Print pictures error

Your pictures can’t be printed because this error occurred: (No code appears) BLANK.

I have to close all 6 or 7 error windows to get to the printer interface that just sits there and keeps “generating the preview” this will continue for hours unless I close the window.

The only thing I am able to do at that point is uninstall then reinstall. When I get to the MF Drivers Uninstaller, it returns a message stating “Could not delete the driver packages because other Canon drivers are using the files.(I only have the one canon printer) If you want to perform cleanup uninstall the following drivers:

Canon Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver(v1.20)

along with a caution to use the “appropriate uninstaller for each driver. And if the driver package is deleted all related printer files and information will be deleted”

I can’t find said drivers to “delete” nor do I have “the appropriate uninstaller” and I have NO CLUE where to find these “uninstallers” I have learned from experience LONG ago not to go casting around in the dark trying to find out stuff like this. It only muddies the water and makes the original problem worse. I have to wonder if there’s a corrupted driver somewhere that I don’t know how to get to. (stabbing in the dark here)

All of this takes at least 15 to 20 minutes. Once I reinstall (without finding or deleting aforementioned Canon Generic Plus UFR II Printer Driver(v1.20), It will print again until I shut down and restart the computer the next day. Then I'm back to the same struggle. As much as I paid for this printer, I expect better—and I won’t go into detail about the fact that when it does print, everything prints purple and colors are dark and muted.



This is not typical behavior for a Canon device or printer.  I think you should contact support and let them assist you.  

Some things to look at before you call.  

What type of USB cable are you using?  Are you sure its in good condition and intended for a printer?

Are you using any type of adapter?

Are you connecting the device directly to an available USB port, or are you using a hub?  Connecting devices to a hub, through a monitor or adapter can cause communication failures.  

Many users have issues during installation because they connect their printer before installing its device drivers.  You should not do this until prompted by the installation software.  

I am using v6.404 which can be found here:

Canon Support for Color imageCLASS MF644Cdw | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Version is a Scan Utility and does not install the full drivers package for your device.  Without correct drivers you are not going to have a consistent connection and there is no telling what the prints might look like.  This is not going to leave you in a good spot from a function or reliability standpoint.  

Canon Support - 1 800 652 2666

You can also register your device at MyCanon for additional support options.

Please give support a call, they will be happy to assist you.  I assure you the MF644Cdw is a solid, reliable device.

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