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Cannot print to TS9120 wirelessly, Nirther Windows Laptop or Android with Canon Print App. HELP!


I have not had this TS9120, but since the day I got it, I have nothing but trouble printing wirelessly to it. I have spent 8 hours today trying ever troubleshooting technique I can find on this forum.  Restarting (Router, laptop, printer), resetting to default, reconnecting, running troubleshooters, turning off firewalls, setting static IP address, etc, etc, etc.  I finally was able to print a few pages from my laptop, but the connection died halfway through the print job. 


Looking for new ideas?



If you are not able to print reliably from a networked computer or App on a smart phone, their something its wrong with the printers connection to the network or a physical problem exists with the printer itself.


Please answer the following questions:


What OS are you using the printer with?


What is the brand and model of your router?


What IP address has it given the printer?


What IP address does the computer have?


Can you ping the printer from the computer?


Does restarting the printer affect your ability to print (example) you can print after restarting, but then not again?


When iinstalltion completes, the software allows you to print a tets page, does this work?


Does the printer display any error messages?

Bay Area - CA

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  1. WINDOWS 10 (Fully Updated)
  2. ASUS AC3100
  3. (Static)
  4. Multiple laptops and android phones cannot print to this printer via wifi
  5. I can access the printer status page by going to:
  6. Restarting does not fix the problem.
  7. Cannot print Test Page, because I cannot install the printer.  The printer is not showing up on the network most of the time, sometimes it does, but the installation fails, and when it does succeed, I still cannot print.  Windows "Add Printer" cannot find the printer AT ALL.  The Canon IJ Network Device Setup Utility can find the printer, but cannot set it up. 
  8. The printer displays NO error message. The printer works fine when printed to via USB. 


Humm...?  Guess there is no help here.