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Can't connect Canon MG5220 printer to Belkin N150 Wireless router


I can't seem to get my Canon MG5220 Wireless Printer to connect to my Belkin N150 wireless router. The printer sees the belkin wireless router network name but cannot connect to it( after entering the correct security key). It worked fine with a previous wireless router. My desktop PC is connected to the belkin router via direct ethernet, and I want to be able to access my wireless printer which is located in another room from my PC. I think I remember reading that the canon mg5220 may not support WPA2 security, but Its only a year old and would prefer not to regonfigure my router's security setting. Any ideas on how I can get this printer to connect to my router? Or other ways to access the printer from my PC which is connected to router via ethernet LAN?


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello mdavis166.


The MG5220 can connect to a WPA2 secured router. 


It may be possible that your encryption key is case sensitive.  If so, please use the softkey under the 'Aa1' symbol to change between uppercase, lowercase and number entry.


If you are still unable to connect, it may be possible that MAC (Media Access Control) Address Filtering is enabled on your router.  If so, the MG5220's MAC address will also have to be added to the list of exceptions.   Please perform the following to locate the MAC address of the printer:


1.  Go to the Home menu or press the Home button on the printer.

2.  Use the up or down arrow keys until Setup appears, then press the softkey under Setup.

3.  Select Device Settings and press OK.

4.  Select LAN Settings.

5.  Select Confirm Lan Settings.

6.  Select WLAN Settings List.


Once there, scroll down to locate the MAC address.


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