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BJ Network Driver and Subnet



for 2 days i am trying to install our new Canon MG8250 on one of our Win 2003 Servers. The server is supposed to be in a different subnet then the printer. The driver does search for the printer but can not find it. The driver gives me no option though to enter the IP adress of the printer manually. Only option it gives me is to connect the USB cable to the printer to configure the IP, which is impossible for me to do with that server.
I am one step away from giving up and sending the unit back as i am kinda frustrated here, there seems to be no way to manually change the IP in die Canon BJ Network Driver, the driver Installer nor the Registry. So far i was only able to install the unit when i've put it into the same subnet which we do not want. Even then theres no way to manually configure the installed driver or printer port when changing the IP. I know the IP of the Printer, and it also should work in this other subnet cause our old MP600R was also in a different subnet, so i whonder why the hell is there no way to enter an ip adress manually...?


This post is my last try to get a solution to this problem, so i really hope someone here has an idea and can help me out


Thx in advance


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