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After updating Windows 10, canon MF toolbox can't find scanner program.


We have multiple users sharing one computer.

It was install driver & Canon MF 4770n scanner program under ADMIN user , all users are ' USER groups ' & each user has a password. ( No Domain , network copier setting )

After updating Windows 10, MF scanner program does not run & the scan button on the copier cannot be used.

I've reinstalled countless times & the Windows Scan & Fax program doesn't work either.

Please tell me what to do.




I set it in the admin user. ( after restart )

After checking the taskbar icon. ( User Groups )

It doesn't work with the same problem.

Of course, It works for only Admin Group.
But I want to work in USER GROUP.

Have any other option? 🤔 Thanks.




Editing the user account associated with a windows service is not the way to get an installed software application to work under individual user profiles.  It should be left as "Local Service".    


The Local Service account has the least amount of system permissions and luckily does not rely on a password.  So you can use whatever password you want there.  Example "Test1324"

Acct permissions can be set globally in computer management Users and Groups or Under Users in Control Panel (Windows 10).    

I suspect this might help:

Canon Knowledge Base - Unable to scan through network connection after windows 10 update (MF Toolbox...

After reverting the changes you made to the WIA service in services.msc, I'd following the steps provided in the KB article.

Canon Support for imageCLASS MF4770n | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Please be sure you follow the instructions for the patch.

This patch resolves an issue that prevents scanning over a network or with a USB connection after upgrading Windows to a newer version. If you cannot scan over a network or with a USB connection, install this patch. If installing (or reinstalling) the MF driver, be sure to first restart (not shut down) your PC after driver installation is complete, and then install this patch. If you are using USB scan, be aware that it may cease functioning after any future upgrades to Windows. If this occurs, install this patch again. After installing this patch, if the message prompting you to restart your PC is displayed, restart (not shut down) your PC. * If you do not restart your PC, this patch will not take effect.

I have not confirmed if the software will run under a standard or limited user account.  I don't own this printer and have no way to test.   

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Hell. I did the above several times, but...
It could not be used at the user group level.

When installing the program, we need the following options.

Please let me know any possible way. Thanks.

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