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canon powershot sx540 hs cannot connect to device


This morning I took pictures then downloaded from camera to pc wi-fi. Was able to download all photos. Then I deleted the images (all) on the camera. Went out this afternoon took more pictures. Came back and tried to download to pc wi-fi. Camera searhed for device and could not find it. On the PC I executed CameraWindows but came up with the message "cannot detect camera check connection to camera then retry". I did this several times but no change. It had been working and I have downloaded hundreds of photos but cannot now. I have not changed anything between this morning when it worked and this afternoon. So what can the problem be??????????



I have a similar problem, my camera won't connect to my mobile device any longer. Everything works fine until I press connect, then my camera instantly says disconnected. I have tried resetting both the camera and phone and deleting and reinstalling the connection app, but it still won't work.

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello Aslaug,

I would definitely recommend resetting all of the camera wireless settings to default first off. It sounds like you're describing the phone as switching off of the camera SSID network name (hence the instant disconnect) and not being able to get back to that. If that is the case, check your phone WIFI settings. Some phones have a feature where the phone will automatically switch networks if an internet connection is not available using the connected access point. The camera's WIFI network just acts as an access point to allow the camera and phone to communicate. An internet connection is not needed for that to work. 

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