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canon powershot SX620 vs SX740 upgrade question about quality



back in july, my beloved canon powershot SX620 died in a rainstorm. i know the camera isn't water resistant, but i assumed it was safe in my purse. the rain was so heavy, that somehow it even leaked into my nylon purse. even my clothes inside my suitcase were damp! thankfully my ipad and phone (also in my purse) were ok! i'll definitely be getting a waterproof storage bag when i do choose my new camera.

i'm now looking for a comparable replacement. i bought the SX620 because of it's zoom and ability to take relatively good pictures during concerts.

the only canon comparable powershot currently available in my price range (less than $500), is the SX740. i realize it's also an older camera, but i can't afford the newer powershots. 

i've seen a few reviews on youtube that say the SX740 was just mediocre. but as a former owner of the SX620, which i was very pleased with, will i be just as pleased with the SX740? i can't imagine that the SX740 would be worse than the SX620. i'm not looking for a professional quality camera. i have a canon rebel T6 that's my main camera.

i'd like to hear opinions from owners of the SX740 if it's a good camera to get. or if i should avoid it, what other pocket cameras would be a good recommendation.

i was even debating about getting an olympus TG-6 (which is on the higher end of my budget) but i'd prefer sticking to canon.

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