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camera firmware update via USB thru ImageBrowser EX?


Hello everyone!


I recently made my first ever Canon camera in the history of the universe (Powershot SX280 HS) and it's amazing.


I have a question, though, about firmware updates.


When I launch ImageBrowser EX, and click on the button to "update to latest version" with my camera connected to my computer via USB, does this update the firmware too? Or does this only update ImageBrowser EX?


I understand that updating the firmware requires me to download a file from my product's support page and manually installing it using a memory card. But I was wondering if updating through USB is also possible.




Thanks for reading this message.



I am pretty sure you have to do it the way Canon tells you to in its documentation on the support page for the 280, i.e. copying the firmware file to a card in a card reader.  There is no mention of ImageBrowser in the documentation.  Updating via ImageBrowser is probably just for the browser software on your computer.  Most things can be done via USB but updating firmware is usually a pretty rare thing except for this particular model camera which has seen two updates so far and I wish would see another (since I too am verging on returning it to the store before my 30 days are up, the day after I get home from vacation). The issues improved with the updates but are still there (see very long thread about battery issues in this forum).

Powershots: A80, SD1300is, SX280 (returned)